Here’s how it works:

Our h.e.l.p. Corners accept donations of durable medical equipment that is clean and fully functional. From wheelchairs and crutches to commodes, walkers and more. Our volunteers evaluate and prep these items for loan.

Our h.e.l.p. Corners then loan these items to community members for a small cash or check deposit and a signed contract. Loans are limited to 3 months but an extension may be requested. The deposit is refunded when the item is returned to h.e.l.p. Corner on time, clean and in good condition. Items are then put back into circulation to help the next person in need. 

To learn more about donating an item or to find out if we have a specific item you’re looking for, please call or email one of our locations.

Items We Accept

• Wheelchairs and Ramps
• Canes
• Crutches
• Commodes
• Shower Chairs or Benches
• Bath and shower grab bars
• Tub transfer benches
• Knee Scooters
• And more!
Items must be clean and in good working order.

Items We Do Not Accept

We do not accept items that are broken or no longer functional. Due to limited space, we are unable to accept larger electric items like scooters, lift chairs and hospital beds.

We also do not accept unwanted medications or hypodermic needles. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to properly dispose of prescription medication at this time.

Unsure if we’ll accept a donation? Just email us and we’ll let you know!