What is h.e.l.p. Corner?

h.e.l.p. Corner is a Health Equipment Lending Program designed to provide Washington County residents in need with access to durable medical equipment. 

Get h.e.l.p.

Are you or a loved one recovering from surgery? An Accident? Needing to improve safety at home? For a small deposit, we will loan you gently used durable medical equipment that can help. Contact us today.

Become a Volunteer

We can always use some help ourselves! More hands on deck allows us to reach more people. Call or email us today to learn about available volunteer opportunities.

Donate Equipment

We accept “new in the box” or like new medical equipment that we normally inventory as well as financial gifts to “h.e.l.p.” keep our doors open. Learn how your donation can make a difference.

What Our Clients Have to Say

So many people have nice equipment that they no longer need just sitting around and getting in the way! Getting this gently used medical equipment into the hands of those that need it is such a wonderful gift, especially for our seniors on fixed incomes.

Lisa S.

What a gift the help corner is! My mother used her Medicare mobility benefit on a cane and now she needs an expensive wheelchair. I don’t know how we would have gotten her one without a loan from the help corner. The one we found there was in beautiful condition, just like new. The volunteers helped us find just the right size, thank you!

Beverly K.

The new help corner is a tremendous and much needed resource here in Washington County, thank you Interfaith, ADRC and Threshold for making it happen.

Judy S.